Test of Time

Why Test of Time?

Wood Floors Stand the Test of Time

Wood floors have distinct natural beauty and warmth, and they continue to be one of the most popular options for homeowners. Their timeless style is the foundation for endless design possibilities from traditional to contemporary. Today’s wood floors are built to withstand the traffic of busy families and are easy to maintain, providing great long-term value.

Wood floors are extremely durable, especially engineered wood that resists warping from temperature variations. Engineered wood can typically be placed at ground level, as well as on upper or lower floors for a consistent look throughout the house. Special finishes, such as an aluminum oxide urethane, add to the floor’s strength against scratches from everyday activities and pets.

Easy care keeps wood floors looking beautiful for decades. Simply sweep or dust mop regularly to remove dirt and clean up spills immediately. A wood floor cleaner can be used monthly to refresh the finish. When properly maintained, wood floors can last for hundreds of years.

Additionally, wood floors can be easily repaired or refinished if styles change over the years. This flexibility adds significant value when re-selling a home, since the floors can be updated without being completely replaced. Eighty percent of homeowners believe wood floors add the most value to a home.*

When considering wood flooring, there is a wide range of qualities and finishes to fit any lifestyle or budget. Local Floored Studios experts place customer service first to help find the product with the best fit.

*NWFA 2017 Consumer Awareness Research Study

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