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Which Wood Fits Your Style?

Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring choices today and is prized for its natural beauty and timeless appeal. If carefully selected and properly maintained, wood floors can add to a home’s richness and warmth for decades. It’s important to understand which wood best fits your space so you can find one that endures the test of time.

The design of your room will help guide the type of hardwood used, considering the variety of looks available by species and finish texture.

The beauty of wood floors shines through in their unique grain patterns, knots and veins created by nature. Each species of tree has a distinct look that can complement your overall design style.

In addition to the species, texture treatments can bring depth to your floor’s appearance and help minimize the effects of daily traffic, pets, and life in general.

Smooth or Sanded

A gentle sanding without additional texturing gives wood floors a classic appeal while highlighting the grain. This smooth finish brings a clean sophistication to your space, but tends to show dents and scratches more readily than other finishes. It is best suited to areas with less foot traffic.

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Hand-scraped or Distressed

Hand-scraped textures create an aged look, giving floors perfectly imperfect character. Boards are carefully distressed with hand planes and chisels for an authentic, rustic or reclaimed appearance. These textures are popular for high traffic areas, as wear marks easily blend into the natural style.

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Skip Sawn

Saw marks that mimic those from an old saw mill create a bold, rough look. The texture skips for a random pattern that is different for each plank. Dark stains highlight the beauty of this texture for an appeal that nods to the past.

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Wire Brushed

Wire brushing can vary in intensity. As the wood is brushed with steel bristles, deeper brushing can open the grain for a more dynamic look. This allows stains to absorb differently across the surface, creating richly accentuated two-tone finishes. Wire brushed texture is more discreet than hand-scraping, but still masks the effects of daily traffic.

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