Prep Your Floors

Every beautifully finished floor has a secret hiding beneath the surface. Only a sturdy, well-prepared foundation can properly support any type of flooring, and help it to perform for years to come.

Before installation starts, every subfloor must be clean, dry, flat and sound. Floored Studios experts are familiar with the unique environment in your neighborhood and can prepare floors correctly, avoiding costly surprises during installation.



Existing flooring can be removed or prepped to be overlaid. When taking out old flooring, ensure that any adhesive residue or tacks are completely removed from the subfloor. If installing new flooring directly over old, special attention should be paid to priming the space for adhesives to work properly.



Your local ground conditions and weather can lead to moisture issues throughout the life of your floor. Floored Studios experts understand how to ensure the subfloor is dry for install using specialized moisture meters. Based on your location and flooring type, they will also determine the appropriate primer and adhesive to prevent future problems.



Even a new foundation may not be perfectly flat, which can cause seams to separate or tiles to crack. Subfloors should vary less than 1/8”, and several self-leveling products can be used to meet this standard. Your Floored Studios team will wave goodbye to wavy floors before your install starts.



When flooring is being laid over a wood subfloor, such as on a second story or pier-and-beam foundation, the wood should be secure and in good condition. Prior to installation starting, any boards with rot, mildew or warping should be replaced. Local experts are familiar with common subfloor issues based on your neighborhood and the age of your home, and will prepare for these in advance.

Adding new flooring to your home is a major investment, and the proper preparation can help it last for years. Floored Studios experts are ready to support you step-by-step from the ground up.