Considerations Before
Hiring An Installer

There are a few key factors during an installation that play a large role in how your floor performs over time. Asking a few questions of your flooring dealer and installer upfront can ensure you are getting expert service.


What industry guidelines do you follow? How do you train your installation team?

Even installers with years of experience benefit from understanding new materials and technologies for the best application. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), Ceramic Tile Education Foundation and International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) have education and certification programs for installers to learn the industry’s best practices. Floored Studios also provides hands-on demos and training through our partner brands, including Ardex and DriTac, to ensure your local experts are ready for the job.


How do you prepare the subfloor before installation?

Before installation starts, every subfloor must be clean, dry, flat and sound. The top cause of flooring install failures is not controlling moisture, from below the flooring as well as above. Properly testing for Relative Humidity (RH) and applying the appropriate moisture mitigation help create a stable foundation for a long-lasting, successful floor. Floored Studios experts are familiar with the unique environment in your neighborhood and can prepare floors correctly, avoiding costly surprises during installation.


How do I need to prepare the space for installation?

Clarify with your quote who is responsible for removing furniture, drapes or wall hangings from the space. Also verify what inside temperature is recommended for installation. Many types of floorcoverings need to be acclimated to the space to avoid later warping or gapping. As a local expert, your Floored Studios dealer will understand the acclimation period the best.


What is your install warranty? What happens if there is a problem with installation?

Finding a reliable, trustworthy installer is critical to protecting any flooring investment in your home. A second-rate installation can leave gaps at seams or cupping planks that compromise the appearance, functionality and lifespan of your flooring. Floored Studios dealers have worked in the local community for years, and will stand behind the quality of the products and their work for years to come.

Specific installation methods always vary depending on the environment, type of flooring, width and thickness of the flooring, and the subfloor. However, asking these basic questions can help you understand how an installer will approach your project and whether they are well-prepared for quality service. Your Floored Studios local expert can guide you through the installation process and support you step-by-step from the ground up.