Hardwood Care

Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood floors are durable and, when properly maintained, add warmth and beauty to your home for decades.

Preventive Care

Remove Dirty Daily

Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop daily to remove loose dirt or grit from the surface. This will help prevent wear and scratches on the finish. Use only a soft bristle broom or vacuum attachment that is recommended for hardwood floors. For dust mopping, use only an untreated electrostatic dust mop, such as Swiffer.

Use wood floor cleaner about every two weeks

For routine cleaning or to remove scuff marks, lightly spray a hardwood floor cleaner and wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Quickly remove spills

Blot up liquids immediately with a clean dry cloth. Do not allow spills or puddles to remain on the floor for an extended period of time.

Do not mop with water

Do not damp mop with water or allow water to remain on the floor. Avoid the use of products that contain oils or wax that may leave a residue. This may create slippery or sticky floors, or prevent future finish coats from properly bonding.

Preventive Care

  • Use protectors under furniture – Add felt floor protectors on the legs or corners of furniture, heavy objects or equipment to prevent scratching or denting. This is especially needed for chairs or stools that are moved around a lot.
  • Use floor mats or rugs near entrances – Mats act as a barrier between the floor and the dirt and moisture you are tracking in from outside. These should be cleaned or dried out often to continue trapping dirt from shoes.
  • Maintain temperature and humidity levels – Dramatic swings in temperature or relative humidity can cause hardwood floors to expand or contract. This can leave gaps between planks or warped boards.

Restoring the Finish

Over time, hardwood floors will lose some luster and surface scuffs become more visible, but a professional refresh can restore the finish. A buffer is used to prep the floor before a new surface coating is applied. Your local Floored Studios expert can advise when this service is needed based on your traffic levels, but it is usually about every five years.